Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not So E-ZPass

I've been suspended from the E-ZPass program for 60 days for going through a few m.p.h. faster than the posted limit. I only discovered this because, on an impulse, I opened my first E-ZPass statement envelope ever to discover the notice. If I hadn't opened the envelope, and attempted to use my E-ZPass during the suspension period, I'd have paid a steep fee and had my E-ZPass revoked.

Who on earth actually opens letters from E-ZPass? But, more practically, where does one get a whole bunch of one dollar coins?


Seth Godin said...

Here's what you do, it actually works.

Take the notice and go to the local ezpass service center. the line isn't long.



they'll waive the suspension. Guaranteed.

Jim Leff said...

Problem: I'm assuming this is like the Nth notice they've sent me about my bad speeding ways. But I never ever open an envelope from E-Zpass.

AND...I only had ten days to contest the suspension, and I'm past the ten days.

So I just go say "I never open your envelopes, and only opened this one too late to really do anything about it, and, yes, I guess I've broken your speed limit a lot, and ignored your letters, but, uh, I'm really sorry"?

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