Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Bits of Web Surfing Goodness

David Pogue’s Photography Tips and Tricks

Andrew Tobias' Recession Investing Tips. Also good: a couple of links therein to Tobias' previous articles Prongs and Cake

A NY Times story last week about
how strangers cheer you up (which should work as well vice versa, though it's a telling indication that neither the study being reported on nor the headline writer would have dreamed of phrasing it the other way around).

Black Cover: the Search for the  Perfect Little Black Notebook

Rob Corddry, former Daily Show reporter responsible for my all-time favorite moment on that show (his commentary on the basis for the Abu Ghraib scandal), curates a collection of favorite online comedy videos. Some are rarified - i.e. "comedy for comedians", but as with music, you have to actively keep up with comedy memes or else risk getting totally out of touch.

Interesting LA Times
story on how nutritional labeling of menus may affect the restaurant industry.

Adamclyde's Google Map of Port Chester Latin Food. Also: his nicely done blog.

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