Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Email to Amazon

If you'd care to add your voice, here's a list of email addresses for Amazon managers.
Dear [Amazon Exec],

I've been one of your best customers since 1996. The web site I founded,, was one of your first Amazon associates, and I've been an Amazon Prime customer since the program's launch.

I'm disturbed by what I've read about work conditions in your Lehigh Valley warehouse (re: this article). Happy workplaces are an integral branding point for other companies (e.g. Trader Joe's, Costco, Apple Stores) which enjoy tight customer identification and loyalty. If the magic were dispelled and Amazon came to be recognized as just another worker-chewing Walmart, that would be disastrous for you.

I give Amazon more business than any other single retailer. And I try to be cognizant of the sorts of operations I support with my business. So I'll be watching to see how you address this. If I keep hearing about workplace cruelty issues, I'm prepared to break my fifteen year Amazon habit.

Jim Leff

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alyce said...

Jim, I have to say I was surprised to read about the conditions in the Amazon warehouse. And, I'm with you. It's important to me as a customer. I suppose it means that the leaders haven't fully deployed the Amazon "vibe" down to all the front line managers in all warehouses. You just gave me an idea. Maybe employee survey results should be made available to customers. That would hold managers' feet to the fire. alyce

P.S. BTW, I owe you a response to a response from a week or so ago. I launched right into a reply but every one of your stories led to a similar story of my own. My stream of consciousness draft needs editing! I didn't know what a Bus Dev person was when I first encountered one.

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