Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Mac Tips

Ask Different ("Answers for your Apple questions") is a great lesser known site for how-to-dos and tips. Too many users in an online discussion makes for long, frothy threads. Too few is useless. This forum, at least for now, is Goldilocks. Particularly good is this thread on Safari extensions that had some tips even I didn't know (and I'm a fan boy!).

Courtesy of the above site.....if you're a fan of Sogudi or Keywurl (two Safari add-ons that allow you to do quickie custom searches via the URL field), you're probably peeved that neither work in Lion. But Safari Keyword Search does.

If you leave lots of windows and/or tabs open in Safari 5.1, and find that it starts slowing down your system, here's something to try, courtesy of the comment thread beneath this article.

1. Quit Safari

2. Launch Terminal

3. Type (or paste) the following:
defaults write DebugNewWindowsUseSingleProcessWebKit 1

4. Quit Terminal

5. Launch Safari

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