Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TMDTIATW: Korean Chain Gangs

The most delicious thing I ate this week (TMDTIATW) were these thin, ultracrisp, buttery almond cookies from the Norwood, NJ outlet of Parisienne, a Korean bakery chain which also does business under the "Zaiya" brand. There are branches in Manhattan plus their original location in Fort Lee, but I'm not certain the cookies taste the same at other outlets (though they seem to have been baked at a central facility, so they probably do).

Runner-up: the lacquered, perfect Korean fried chicken at the newest outlet in the "Mad For Chicken" chain (the new brand name for fabled Bonchon Chicken), in Bergenfield, NJ (121 N. Washington Ave; 201-387-2000). Ask for soy/garlic, answer an adamant "yes" to spicy, and be prepared to wait 25 minutes, because perfection takes time and everything's made to order.

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