Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Parker Update

Andrew Tobias recommends holding on to PRKR shares…but with bridled enthusiasm (you can never predict a judge’s behavior). I’ll take the loss to offset my Apple profits but will buy back a few more if it drops further. And CRIS just got some bad news that’s not necessarily bad news (a patient died during testing, but seriously sick people can be expected to die sometimes), making it a fantastic buy for patient investors. Finally, Jim Cramer mentioned SIGA out of the blue the other day. A surprisingly positive aside. It hasn’t exactly caught fire, but I wasn’t expecting such mainstream mention of this sleepy little highly profitable company no one’s heard of. Weird but welcome. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update a month ago. CRIS now at 85 cents, I may risk buying a hundred shares. Regards, B.

Jim Leff said...

Cris is fairly speculative. I do like it’s chances, but in this climate there may be better bets more undervalued. TXG is solidly established and comically low. And apple is poised for another irrational downslide (its already >15% off its peak). And unlike nearly every stock, while apple may fail to spring fully back, it ain’t gonna plunge and stay submerged forever. Too much intrinsic value and too much cash.

Sorry about Parker. I haven’t sold yet, but it ain’t looking good. You can blame Andrew Tobias, but he is tips hit more than they sink.

Anonymous said...

Agree to that. Thanks Jim, your perspectives "one of a kind". With the rates hikes and fears now, I watch share prices and be mindful. TXG down, many biotechs totally crushed. It may take more time, keep powder dry etc. A couple of relevant posts below. Regards, A*C
The number of companies that now trade at a discount to *net cash* has matched the highs following the 2000 bubble bust.

Jim Leff said...

Any concerns you have about rate hikes are utterly baked into every price you see, so the observation is of zero use to you. There's nothing you or I detect about market conditions or prospects that people infinitely richer, faster, and smarter don't detect infinitely better. (

The sole superpowers available to us are 1. patience, and 2. refusal to be manipulated. And they're pretty much the same thing.

Your effort to "figure it out" may (or may not) be very smart, but you cannot possibly get ahead of the geniuses and their algorithms.

Those guys cannot, however, sit on a stock as long as I've sat on SIGA. I bought at $2-3 and I'm pretty sure I'll get $12-15 out of it, and yes I'm aware of opportunity cost, but I'm a scavenger, not a predator. Patience is the advantage of the scavenger.

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