Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Action/Abstraction: Pollock, De Kooning, and American Art, 1940-1976

In a previous Slog entry I mentioned the superb Abstract Expressionism show running through September 21 at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan, and the terrific and craved-after catalog accompanying the show. Amazon is now carrying the hardcover version at steep discount: $40.95, much better than the museum's price of $65.

At this price, the book, full of interesting text and some excellent reproductions (a number of paintings don't lend themselves to reproduction, alas), is a steal. If you have any interest at all in Abstract Expressionism (those less familiar can read my above-linked entry for a sense of what goes on within all those spatters and squiggles), you must own this book.

If you make it to the show, don't miss Joan Mitchell's devastatingly beautiful painting on the second floor. I like her as much as I do Milton Resnick. Look for the luscious, erotic, ecstatic blur of indigo just above center. It may be my single favorite brushstroke of all time.

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