Monday, July 28, 2008

Priscilla Gets Bionic Ears: Report #4

The following is by Priscilla Gilmore, who recently got cochlear implants and has been reporting back, starting here.

I love my implants. It's only the fourth day, but I am able to hear people speak so much more easily now. I still read lips because my brain has not been able to decipher the sounds very well yet*, but there is such a beautiful clarity to it...even with the strange quacking sound there is a beautiful bell-like claity. I hear consonants so much better now, the soft sounds of 's' and 'sh'.

I have been enjoying it but it is still work for my brain and I am surprised at how tired I have been these past few days.

* - my bet is that Priscilla will continue to read lips, regardless of how much her hearing improves, for the exact same reason the Benny Lava lyrics seem to match the Hindi vocalizations even for Hindi-speakers (as I predicted in my Slog entry, and was confirmed by one of the commenters). The visual element is irresistible.

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