Monday, July 7, 2008

Watermelon Rind: A Potent Aphrodisiac

There are nine gazillion weird news stories on the Internet, and nine gazillion places to go to hear about them. I don't intend for this Slog to devolve into one of the latter, but this one's too amusing to pass up. Well, I should disclose that, it's 6am as I wait for a connection in Mexico City airport and I haven't slept a wink (the woman in the middle seat on my red-eye flight down had a tick that caused her to involuntarily jab me in the ribs with her elbow, something I'll probably laugh about one day). So I may be "off".

But....who knew that
Watermelon Could Possibly Work As Well As Viagra

Update: several hours of shut-eye (and many blissful quesadillas) later, I can't believe I found this post-worthy. But I'll leave it up as a tribute to the judgement clouding potential of sleep deprivation.

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