Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Comedy Central's TV Funhouse DVD

Comedy Central's TV Funhouse DVD finally was released today.

These are not the TV Funhouse cartoons run on Saturday Night Live - though, confusingly, creator Robert Smigel is behind those, too. The best of the latter, by the way, is The Obama Files, which oughtn't be viewed with food or drink in-mouth. (if that link doesn't load, try reloading the page...and you'll have to sit through a 10 sec commercial before it plays. Do it!).

No, the original TV Funhouse series on Comedy Central years ago was mostly live action, and was the weirdest, sickest, filthiest program ever presented on television. It was also innovative, in mixing, for the first time, live and puppet animals (requiring agonizing, painstaking shooting and reshooting...no one will ever attempt it again). The series was killed after eight episodes, and these days sometimes shows up very very late at night on Comedy Central, completely freaking out half-snoozing viewers.

This show is not just funny. It is writhe-on-the-carpet funny. It is chew-your-fingers-off funny. But it's not for sober viewing with good posture and a big tub of fresh steaming popcorn. If you do buy the DVD, promise you won't play it before 1:30am...and never when completely awake and/or sober.

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