Monday, July 28, 2008

Fake Steve Jobs/Real Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons, former Forbes tech-biz hack and soon-to-be Newsweek star (replacing Steven Levy), was the creator of the superb Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. His shtick was to thoroughly channel Jobs, and the result was chokingly amusing but also yielded some superb insights into the tech and business scene. If you've never read it, definitely surf through the "best of" postings linked on the bottom right of the front page.

Lyons has put Fake Steve on hiatus, and launched a new blog under his own name,
Real Dan Lyons. Starting with his first 7/27 posting, he's been doing an insightful and hilarious job of dissecting Apple's bizarre handling of the Steve-is-Sick scare. Lyons correctly predicted that Apple's stock price would stumble this morning, even after the "ambush" move with the NY Times intended to boost confidence.

Even if you don't care much about Jobs or Apple, it's worth a read for insight into how media works. Actually,
this Fake Steve posting set the standard for that.

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