Thursday, July 17, 2008

The White Gym Socks of My Dreams

All my life I've been vexed by white gym socks. They are, for men, what brassieres are for women, and what reeds are for oboists: you just can't ever get the perfect thing.

The white gym socks of my dreams are (perpetually) at Costco. Look for Russell Athletic Dripower crew socks, in the 12-pack. They are neither too long nor too short, and are nicely soft and cushiony. They stay up but don't strangle your calves. And they maintain their cushiness and just-right elasticity through multiple washings. And they never seem to develop holes.

One of the petty frustrations of life can now be crossed off your list (or that of a loved one). Thank your Slogs above.

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Dave said...

These have been the official white gym socks of David Feldman (r) for about 15 years.

They do have one downside. They are the least durable gym socks I've ever had. The heels go fast.

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