Friday, March 19, 2021

COVID Amnesty

You've been vaccinated...or soon will be (or else you're too shmucky to matter). Congratulations! You've survived the scenario most feared for decades by the smartest people. You're here. You made it!

May I offer a suggestion?

Take a solid minute to mentally survey your relationships. There is (I'd bet good money) at least one person you stopped being friends with over the past year. Stress does this. We're all a little loopy.

When you think of this person, your first thought will be "No, no, that had nothing to do with COVID, s/he's just an asshole and we're through." Expect this reaction. It's inevitable.

Shoot them a text or email and ask if they've been vaccinated. Express relief in their survival. Even though that person - like me and like you - truly is a bit of an asshole.

That's all. If the conversation continues, oblige it. If it doesn't, no need to push it. Just leave it there.

Please spread the word: we all need to establish COVID Amnesty for relationships harmed by the stress of the past year. Seriously, take a minute to do this (and, if you agree, pass it on or share this post). It's the best celebration for having survived this massive public menace.

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