Monday, March 1, 2021

Aging and Framing

We all make a choice in every moment: to open up in wonder and gratitude...or to clang tightly shut in spiteful petulance. Most people, oddly, choose the latter. Most never recognize the former as an option.

Like so much else, it's entirely a matter of perspective. And while we assume worldly circumstance dictates our framing, that's completely wrong. You are The Framer. You are astonishingly Free.

As such, as I once explained, we make a capricious decision as kids: "How Happy Will I Be?". We needn't stick with that decision. From moment to moment, perspective is fungible. No matter how the world presents itself, we always have a choice. Fabulous gorgeousness can be peevishly spurned, and irritating tedium may be utterly embraced. Multitudes do both each day.

Because most of us edge toward Clang, we set our table via innumerable actions to keep ourselves from becoming overly happy (per above link). We ride the momentum of lifelong inclination, favoring the familiar. There's perverse comfort in long familiarity with nuisance and affliction, and advancing age makes black holes of our comfort zones.

But you always have a choice. You are The Framer, astonishingly Free. And, given a choice, doesn't Heaven (on Earth) seem more attractive than Hell (also on Earth)?

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