Saturday, March 20, 2021



If I were unsure about how I felt about lots of Asian women being murdered by a deranged maniac, nothing you could broadcast would likely help. In fact, I wouldn't be watching MSNBC at all.

It's safe to say all your viewers find it horrendous, and understand the factors that brought us here.

When your broadcast day is endless outrage about outrage over outrage, with nothing new or insightful to add, it gives the impression that your cynical aim is to whip up your viewers, addicting them to a heightened emotional flow leaving them dependent on your product. That's the Fox business model, which is not good for America, as you frequently note.

I'm not saying outrage is not appropriate. It is. It's the ceaseless whipping I'm against. I'm pretty sure my initial shock and outrage were sufficient. So if you have nothing fresh to add, or new angles to consider, how's about you get back to being a news source, rather than a mind control device to squeeze millions of people's amygdalae, keeping them angry and scared so they stay glued to your channel? Goose or gander, that's not best for the country. Thanks in advance.

BTW, belated thanks for the 80,000 hours exploring the question of whether Donald was a racist. I'm guessing the consensus was a solid "yes", amIright? Me, I got that from "rapists/murderers" at his campaign launch, but kudos for the extra depth and analysis.

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