Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Andy Kaufman Rarities

I've always been a big fan of Andy Kaufman, and have him on my mind right now as I'm finally getting around to reading Bob Zmuda's Andy Kaufman Revealed: Best Friend Tells All. The book's a must-read for fans, though certain amount of it doesn't pass the smell test. I suppose it's temptingly easy to make stuff up and elevate one's importance when reminiscing about a dead guy few others got near.

Reading the book has renewed my efforts to try to find a few rare Kaufman videos. I last surfed around for them back in the long-ago days before I fell in the Chowhound hole, and I'm constantly amazed at how much stuff that was unfindable online in 1997 is now ubiquitous. But I couldn't find several of the more intriguing-sounding videos. Also, I'd always figured the legendary screenplay for "The Tony Clifton Story" was completely off-radar.

Wrong and wrong. I just came upon the
motherlode. There's a downloadable 1.5gb video compilation of lots of rare TV appearances (the streaming version on Google Video is down), plus the entire Clifton screenplay. Cinephiles will find tons (and tons...and tons) of other good stuff on this incredible site, too.

Read details on the contents of the compilation video, plus some other Kaufman commentary here.

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Jon said...

Thanks for that. I loved it.

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