Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Priscilla Gets Bionic Ears: Report #10

The following is by Priscilla Gilmore, who recently got cochlear implants and has been reporting back, starting here.

The sound is beginning to change now. Voices sound more like voices now (especially my own) with a much more realistic and individual sound to them. I have started listening to music. I bought a CD a while ago but never opened it - "Circle of Fire", sort of chanting/fusion. I really enjoyed it because I can hear it pretty well (though the vocals are harder to discern) and I love it and keep listening to it! What a difference this new cochlear implant (CI) makes!

I went to a bluegrass festival and could hear the music surprisingly clearly. The banjo had a very sharp clear tone that was very easy for my CI to translate. The Gibson brothers played really well, with nasal vocals and yodeling. All surrounded by Winnebagoes and tents, in a field of grass with a faint aroma of cow dung, and 6 inces of mud wherever you had to walk!

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