Friday, August 22, 2008

Awesome Bargain Tech Services will scan 1000 of your shapshots and send you back a DVD a few days later...for just $50! Read NY Time's tech columnist David Pogue's rave review of this service.

Here's another Pogue article on
extremely cool services for cellphones, most of them free. I use them all, religiously, but Jott, in particular, may have literally saved my life. It's unsafe to text message while walking or driving, but the temptation's awful when you have something important in mind you suspect you'll soon forget. Jott offers a number you can call, speak a message, and have it converted to text which is emailed to yourself or to others, via speech recognition technology plus some live human double-checking. It's much easier (and safer!) to speak your thoughts than to thumb them into your smartphone! And it's free!

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