Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slog Flogging

The Slog's stats indicate that a small but dedicated group is stopping by. Welcome, it's good to have you slogging along.

There currently are two inbound links. One is on in the Yahoo Finance message board for SIGA Technologies, where a bunch of absolute lunatics (I say that with love) club each other over the head re: a stock that's perpetually lies more or less motionless. My
mentions of the company here have constituted what passes for Big News when it comes to the long-simmering SIGA. I guess I sort of rallied the troops for a minute there.

The other link to the Slog was kindly inserted by the proprietors of the Jackson Heights Life community.

The Yahoo message board link is essentially dead and buried. And as for the second, well, everyone in the Jackson Heights Life community who's going to drop by pretty much already has.

I'm not trying to aggregate lots of readers. I experienced a steeply scaling audience once, and definitely got it out of my system. And I realize that regardless of traffic influx, the Slog will eventually lose most of its steady readers (for reasons described here). But googling my name lists this Slog as only the 14th result, and a couple more links might be helpful. So if you're enjoying reading along, please consider recommending it so a few (and only a few!) more people can come enjoy, as well.

UPDATE: Right on cue (actually, two weeks before cue)...

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