Friday, August 1, 2008

John Mayer Gives His Dad Computer Tech Support

As posted to the Real Dan Lyons Blog, this video of music star John Mayer giving his dad computer tech support via telephone expresses a variety of angst so universally recognizable that it may be the first new archetype generated in the 21st Century.

But, really, it also points out a huge untapped demand for super-patient newbie tech support (a much narrower service than what
Geek Squad tries to provide).

You don't need versatile computer experts, just patient, articulate, easy-natured people. Hire a bunch and have them do parental tech support. The marketing campaign would be hilarious, as the angst is portrayed in highly amusing ways, and both parents and children would recognize the value in paying for a neutral third party.

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Smurf said...

Hey Jim-
Heather Hawkins here! Great blog. As luck would have it, I'm working with a company now that provides totally newbie-friendly, empathetic tech support via telephone--

Too bad John and his pop didn't give us a call.

Hope you are well.


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